The Resonance Science Foundation is a member-supported, non-profit, tax-deductible independent physics research organization which is on the leading edge of the new millennium, led by founder Nassim Haramein. The Academy offers fantastic online courses which are on the leading edge of a new worldview.  If you are interested in the technical publications, go to the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics.

Abraham-Hicks is a popular channeled energy, with the Law of Attraction as a central tenet of their teaching--definitely worthwhile to explore. Kryon is another spiritual energy that is the real deal and worth your time to explore.

But you might find The Path of DZAR more to your liking--DZAR means "helper" in old Hebrew--and that's what the messages from DZAR are all about.  I am drawn to the DZAR energy and belong to their “Campfire” organization.  There are many hours of information on all of these websites—DZAR has 60 hours of free podcasts.

Thrive is a magnificent movement to uplift humanity, sponsored by Foster and Kimberly Gamble. This is a multi-million dollar website, with a revealing free two-hour movie and links to many resources, including new energy and self-organization resources.

Some of the other sources for information in MINDSTEP are below. Many of these can be found on YouTube as well.

Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash

Ancient Civilizations
Drunvalo Melchizedek has written two book volumes on the significance of the Flower of Life. Klaus Dona is a spiritual archaeologist that I recommend—just do a Google search.

To understand why our biology has it wrong, read the classic "The Field" by Lynne McTaggert; then read the book by Bruce Lipton titled "The Biology of Belief".  The Institute of HeartMath is a leader in heart-mind research. To see the complexity in a cell, see The Inner Life of a Cell produced by Harvard. 
Microtubules are electrical oscillating structures in cells.

The Global Consciousness Project measures exactly that, in my opinion.

Extra-terrestrial (ET) Life

A good crop circle web site is here.  Read a technical paper on crop circles. Look at the 2013 Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure, held at the National Press Club, two blocks from the White House (which both the press and White House ignored). It was this hearing that took testimony from retired US Air Force personnel on UFO’s shutting down nuclear weapons sites.  Look up what the Canadian Minister of Defense (retired), Hon. Paul Hellyer, had to say about the matter.  Read the book “Stranger at the Pentagon” by Frank E. Stranges.

Fun and Beauty
Great fun watching 3-D views of the world on Airpano. I love Chris Hadfield's version of Space Oddity. You can use your mouse to see the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. Check out The Scale of the Universe on YouTube.  If you like the stars and the universe, you'll love SkySurvey. Or, look at the heavens through Google Sky. And, of course, Hubble.

Marshall Lefferts has amazing insights. The Buckminster Fuller Institute is here. Jonathan Quintin has deep insights into sacred geometry. Watch tetrahedrons form soap bubbles.

For energy healing, there are many effective modalities, Reiki and Quantum Touch among them.  QiGong is being carried on in the United States at the Chi Center as well as locally in many parts of the country.

Learning Institutions
In my opinion, the best academic course in the world is offered at Resonance Science Foundation Academy, and it's online.

The name Wisdom University speaks for itself. The Omega Institute on the East coast has great programs. IONS has great programs on the West coast. The Rhine Research Center continues to carry on their great legacy of work, and sponsors great speakers.

Physics, Energy and Engineering
The first source for physics information is the Resonance Science Foundation; a discussion of the work can also be found here.  Science inadvertently went wrong with the famous double-slit experiment in 1801—see the RSF alternate viewpoint here.  Particles aren’t separate things, they’re part of a field.

The plasma in space experiment on the International Space Station is here. The plasma research at Missouri University is here. Here's a place to start for information on Nikola Tesla; then try this oneDr. Leonard Susskind on holograms.

If you want to do something, but don’t know where to start, then start by taking the RSF Academy course, then I recommend exploring the Solutions Hub on the Thrive website.  The new energy industry is addressed on this website, where you will also find the Mass Ratio video on Nassim Haramein’s “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” paper.  The technical paper itself is on the RSF website.  Building plasma-activated water apparatus for farmers, which will replace pesticides, is currently a huge opportunity, see Paul Leenders work here.

Electromagnetic energy doesn't move in waves, it moves in spheres; John Stuart Reid has figured it out.

I found very helpful information on the Science Channel, “How the Universe Works” series; as well as on the NOVA science series “What is Space?" on PBS.

Most psi phenomena have been proven to exist, but the reason why such things happen has been illusory (but now physics has begun explaining it). Something Unknown is a good introduction. The dean of psi researchers is Dean Radin.

Meditation helps get you there, and to get started see Deepak; I found the 2500-year-old, 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat to be one of the most profound experiences of my life.  The Path of DZAR offers great teachings to all those drawn to that energy, as I am.  I also like one of the greatest spiritual teachers of all time, Seth; perhaps because they use the word "electromagnetic" frequently, also see this site. But you might like Abraham or Kryon better, and there are many others as well, such as Daniel Scranton.  One of the easy reality checks on channeled energies to see if it’s real or not is to simply ask yourself if you feel better after receiving the information.  If it’s fear-based, go the other way; it’s not authentic.

The $112 million dollar woman knows how this stuff works.

If you want to explore past lives, the foremost authority is Brian Weiss. For near-death experiences, the world authority is Raymond Moody. And I recommend Dr. Gary Schwartz's books--who else conducts scientific tests for angels or seeing into the future? John Edward is the real deal when it comes to talking to those of us who have left this reality--and guess who tested him in a laboratory setting?

I don’t think that there is a complete standard definition of the so-called New Age, but Kryon’s explanation about who we are comes close (from Chapter One of Kryon book 7):

“We are a group of Humans with a philosophy that teaches that all of us go through life cycles. Indeed, this means past lives. We believe that there are no accidents, but rather challenges or lessons that we actually help create at some spiritual level. That means that we believe in taking responsibility for everything in our lives. A mainstream New Age believer would never join a cult, never follow a leader in a suicide, and never sit around blaming others for who they are. A New Age believer is aware that there is tremendous power within the Human Being. Self-Worth is taught, as well as how to work through fear and uncertainty. Human enablement is the key, and 'intent to create positive change in our lives' is our mantra.

We believe that there are forces at work that can balance Humans using energy. We regularly use hands-on healing and energy work to balance others in order to help them heal. We pray for others, meditate for world peace, and strive toward attaining wisdom that will allow us to love one another no matter what.”

And last, also from Kryon: “…today’s weirdness is tomorrow’s science…”

Water is necessary for life and is found everywhere in the universe; but it does much more than sustain you. Dr. Gerald Pollack will tell you why water carries information. And he will show you how to extract electrical energy from nothing more than light and water.

Paul Leenders has figured out how to replace pesticides with electricity and water to make plasma-activated water; see his Ted Talk here.