MINDSTEP is an engrossing multimedia presentation that describes the incredible shift of our time. This fast-moving, fact-based talk commands your attention as it moves from simplified but remarkable physics to related explanations of ancient secrets, and then on to current wisdom. Short video clips and questions maintain focus and interest as the presentation reveals surprise after surprise. The talk informs and entertains you as it shows why your future is not only unlimited—it’s here today.

Dominick Gibino - MINDSTEP

Rev. Dominick J. Gibino, the creator and presenter of MINDSTEP, is an independent researcher and speaker. He is an ordained minister in the Sanctuary of the Beloved and holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. He is an emissary of the Resonance Science Foundation, a certified practitioner in Quantum Touch and Access Bars, and is an Earthkeeper within Munay-Ki. He previously worked for the US Air Force in the field of flight simulation and is a former Vice President of Simtec, Inc.

“Science without spirituality and spirituality without science are both incomplete.”
~ Amma